Category: Spring

Two types of beans here; stringless beans on the left, back beans on the right.  Followed by a row of carrots and radish, a row of onions, a row of spinach and lettuce, and finally two rows of peas.


Various colors of romaine lettuce.


New Shed

The corn’s looking good.


The tomato plants in the raised bed are growing nicely now.  Started to put the weed barrier and mulch around the raised beds.

Another view of the mulch and weed barrier, this one showing all 8 raised beds.


Fed up with all the weeds, decided to go with weed barrier and mulch.

Weed barrier

Cucumbers and pepper added to this raised bed.  In the rear are carrots and peas.

Just got back from a business trip, looks at all the weeds!


New pepper plants!  Most of the original were killed by a frost.  In the rear left, the corn is showing.  Rear right you can see the potatoes recovered from the frost!