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Two types of beans here; stringless beans on the left, back beans on the right.  Followed by a row of carrots and radish, a row of onions, a row of spinach and lettuce, and finally two rows of peas.


Various colors of romaine lettuce.


Onions and carrots are showing some early growth.

Onions and carrots

The lettuce is doing well in the cool weather.


This bed contains:

Row 1 :  Yellow Onion
Row 2 : Sweet Treat Carrot
Row 3 : White Onion
Row 4 : Red and Green Romain Lettuce
Row 5 : Vivian Romain Lettuce
Row 6: Buttercrunch and Romain Lettuce
Row 7: Eucalyptus, Garlic and Romain Lettuce
Row 8: Cauliflower

All eight beds.

All eight raised beds

Planting some lettuce.

Initial planting